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#31Days Challenge - Day 19

Welcome to day 19 ... Haven't we done well so far :)

I don't know about you but I'm enjoying the blogging challenge. Its getting me back into the swing of posting and making time in my day to sit down and blog ... which is a nice change from the constant go go go.

Today's prompt is "What do you collect" which I'm not sure about to be honest.

I don't know that i go out of my way to collect things i.e actively hunt them out but i do have collections of things which i guess is the same thing (isn't it?).

I have a kinda collection of ...

Me to You Bear's - I cant remember when i got my first ornament but since then i have got quite a few more. I tend to buy ones that either mean something to me or ones that i really really liked. I wouldn't just buy any figure simply because it is Me to You.

Disney Pin's - I do love the Disney collector Pins however again i only tend to buy the ones that i really like i.e Disney Villains or Halloween themed. I know you can swap them in the Disney parks which is a really cool idea. Maybe one year if i am lucky enough to go at Halloween then i can swap out some doubles i have :)

Nightmare before Christmas - This is one of my fave films and i love love love everything about it. I have a few NBX items, as well as baubles from my Christmas tree and some collector pins. I even have a tattoo on my back of Jack :)

Halloween stuff - I think you kinda knew this one was coming lol. I have lots of little Halloween things dotted around my house that will stay out all year long. Halloween is without a doubt the best holiday around and i don't care if people think I'm nuts ... I have a serious addiction to the whole festive occasion!