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#31Days Challenge - Day 2

Hey folks, Its Day 2 and today's prompt is "20 Facts about You" so here goes ...

  1. I was born in October
  2. I have a younger sister
  3. I have blue eyes
  4. I have a mild coffee addiction
  5. I have a son who i love more than anything
  6. My favourite chocolate is Terry's Chocolate Orange
  7. I love all things Disney
  8. My favourite film genre is Horror
  9. My favourite subject at school was Art.I would spend my lunch times in the Art department working on a project or simply just drawing.
  10. I have 2 tattoos (so far)
  11. My favourite book series is the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris
  12. My favourite colour is Purple
  13. I have a dog called Shabba, He's a Shiz Tzu
  14. I hate clothes shopping - It stresses me out
  15. I love the smell of Hugo Boss Orange and Red (they are my favourite perfumes)
  16. I haven't seen my natural hair colour in over a decade ... Right now its a burgundy red shade
  17. I am a qualified hairdresser ... though i am going back to college for more advanced training.
  18. I am allergic to latex ... I found this out while working as a child's party entertainer and i took a reaction to the balloons i was modelling.
  19. I love the taste of fresh fruit
  20. I love to make things. I find it really relaxing to just sit at the table and craft.