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#31Days Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 folks and the prompt is "Your Favourite Childhood book". This was a really easy answer ...

As a kid i had almost all of these books and read them religiously. I guess I've kinda always been into horror, even as a child. I love that these books are making a come back too. I see them more and more when Agent M and i go to the library and its only a matter of time before i can share them with him. Though I'm not sure what age i should introduce the books to his reading list.

I know its a kids film but I'm really excited for the movie to come out too (with the exception on the clown in it *Shivers*). I've always been a fan and will continue to be (I'm hoping to start adding the books to my kindle now they are more readily available. Just need to save up for them).

Anyway, My favourite of the books is the Haunted Mask.

I don't know why but this book has always stood out in my mind as its the book i read the most often.

Its about a young girl who wants to have the scariest costume and comes across this gruesome monster mask. Only problem is that when she puts it on, she starts to become the monster. Eventually she puts it on one too many times and the mask sticks.

Its seems she's doomed to become a monster forever.

Spoiler Alert - Its a really good book! :)