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#31Days Challenge - Day 27

Its day 27 of the #31Days challenge and we are into the last wee week. Today's Prompt is "post your favourite recipe" ... Thing is i already have :)

My fave is Banana Bread in all its glorious forms.

What glorious forms do i mean? Well Banana bread is a base recipe and you can add lots of things to it. I've tried Nutella and Banana bread,Blueberry and Banana bread and will be making Strawberry and Banana bread next.

Its a wonderful lunch time treat with a wee cup of tea or a breakfast slice that goes great with a caramel latte. You can even put the mix into small cake cases to make Banana bread muffins which Agent M LOVES for his play piece.

The recipe for it can be found HERE ... along with many others which can be found HERE (Since i didn't see the point in posting the same recipe twice).