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#31Days Challenge - Day 28

Its Day 28 and we're looking into the future with today's prompt "What are you looking forward to?"

I am looking forward to a few things this year.

  • Next month is my cousins wedding reception so we get so celebrate with them. My mum and sister are coming up for it too so i will get to see them again ... I cant wait!
  • I start college again in September which will be brilliant. I've missed my college buddies over the summer and i cant wait to get more skilled and work on more advanced hair techniques. 

  • Its my birthday in October and although my birthdays have been somewhat cursed over the last decade, I'm hoping against hope that this year will be different.

  • Halloween is coming up and I'm sure by now you all know how much of a big deal i make of Halloween! Its the best holiday in my opinion as its not about what you get, its about having fun. That said, i do give prezzies for Halloween :)

  • Then it will be time for Christmas which hopefully will include getting to see my mum and G again. My wee sister has already said that she is staying in England so i know i won't see her :(