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#31Days Challenge - Day 29

Its day 29 of the #31Day challenge and the prompt is "Where have you travelled".

I was a very lucky little girl and got to go on quite a few holidays abroad with my family.

As far as i know this is accurate, however if i have been anywhere else, i was too young to remember it or the parentals haven't told me :)

I have been to ...
  • Canada (when i was 2 so i have no idea what it was like, but i still went), 
  • Florida (a couple of times which from memory was brilliant! Definitely need to go back again!!)
  • Lanzarote (Island not on the map but have counted as Spain)
  • Majorca (hope that's the right island i coloured)
  • All around the UK (Only place i haven't been in the UK in terms of country is Ireland, Which i hope to do some day).