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#31Days Challenge - Day 30

2 days to go ... I'm kinda proud of myself for only slipping up a couple of times over the 30 days so far. Or does that make me a bad person? Hmmm.

Anyway, Today's prompt is "What's in your make-up bag"

My make-up has two different sections.

I use the top for Eyes & Lips and the bottom for Face (Since those items are bigger).

Foundation -
I have 2 different foundations, both in the Shade Calico from the No7 range ... One is the Matte foundation and one is the Stay Perfect foundation. I love this foundation range as the coverage is brilliant and the shade matches my skin tone quite well (cause I'm so pale).

I have a No 7 concealer pen to match my foundation, again in Calico and Benefit Boi-ing concealer in 01. I love Benefit products but i find it difficult to buy them as they are so expensive.

I do have Lemon Aid, which is a Benefit product used to colour correct under the eyes.

I have a mini bottle of Clinique moisturiser in my make up bag that i got free from a magazine. I usually use the No7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid but the bottle is too big for my bag :)

Face Powder
I have a Bourjois loose powder in Apricot. I like this as the brush is included.

I bought a Eyebrow kit from Avon recently in Soft brown as it seems to be a thing now to have more 'Defined'. I have used it a couple of times with the Brush (pictured) but I'm still unsure how i feel about it.

I have the Instant Radiance highlighter pen from No7. I haven't used it much either as I'm still a little unsure about it. (It was free in a 3 for 2 when i didn't know what else to get).

Face Wipes
Face wipes are a bit 'iffy' with me. Some of them make my skin freak out something awful. I like the Boots ones as they are all quite gentle on my skin. I have the dry skin ones for daily washing/refreshing and the cucumber (normal skin) for removing the make-up. They make my skin feel fresher after having it coated in war paint :)

The top section has Lips and Eyes as well as some tools of the trade :)

I have 4 lip sticks (3 in pink and 1 in red) as well as a dark red lip pen. I love mixing up my make up. I'll either have red lip and a neutral eye or a neutral lip and a smoky eye. When i use the red shades though i find the lip liner is essential (otherwise the colour bleeds out which ain't pretty). 

I use the Sexy Mother Pucker XL gloss by Soap and Glory when i want to add a little shine. 

For days that my lips feel really dry and split too much i use the Body Shop's Lip butter in chocolate. Its not brown like chocolate, just has the choco scent. It makes my lips feel lovely :)

I also have a few Benefit minis for lips that i got free from magazines. Her Glossiness lip gloss in VIP, Lip Plumping Primer and Bene-tint (a lip and cheek stain - Which is really good!)

Eye-liner is my go to 'desert island' item. I love how my eyes look with eye-liner on. So defined and lovely :) The best eye-liner i have ever used is Urban Decay. The colours are so bold and it lasts for ages! Again however its an expensive product that i cant really justify buying on a tight budget. The Eye-liner I'm using just now is the Max Factor Liquid effect which is very similar to the Urban Decay. It is a pencil on one end and smudge tip on the other. I also have a liquid pen when i want a stronger smoky look from Bourjois.

Eye Shadow
 I use 17 Starry Eye Trio in Starstruck (Pink, Grey and Black) and Neptune (Gold, Plum and Black). Both of these are good for a smoky look. For some neutral effect, i like a cream and brown shadow. It looks nice with a coating of mascara.

Speaking of mascara, I have an Urban Decay Primer which makes the lashes look so long and finish it with a coating of Clinique mini mascara (Magazine Freebie) in Black.

I have 3 Eye-shadow brushes (2 Ruby & Millie) and an eyelash curler (which is my second desert island must).