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#31Days Challenge - Day 4

I'm not sure I'm gonna like this one so much but i did promise myself i would keep it up so here goes. Today's Prompt is "What are you afraid of" ...

For me ... Its Clowns.
Even the clown in Toy Story 3 freaks me out :(

They are horrible evil things that have haunted my nightmares and made me feel physically ill when confronted by them during the day.

I'm told it is all from when i was 2.

Apparently while on holiday in Canada we went to a parade of some kind and a clown jumped out in front of me. The way my dad tells it i screamed to some that i was generally inconsolable the rest of the parade, which if my reaction to them as an adult is anything to go by, i could quite believe it.

I remember it though from a late night viewing of Stephen King's IT. I got to the bit where the kid is pulled down the well (probably only minutes in) and i lost my ever loving mind. I sat howling on the sofa till my Papa came downstairs and got me, giving my older cousins into trouble for letting (a possibly only 6 year old) me see such a scary thing. No sleep was to be had that night!

Which ever the initial cause of my serious dislike of the painted one, i still at 27 years old cant be in the same room as anyone dressed up as a clown and still have nightmares once in a while.

Evil evil things :(