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#31Days Challenge - Day 6

Today's Prompt is "Your 5 senses right now" which is a bit strange but anyway ...

Sight - I'm looking at my laptop right now as i am typing this post but other than that i am sitting in my mums living room :)

Sound - I can hear my mum talking to my step dad about what he would like to eat and she has just handed Agent D his plate as he said "thanks"

Smell - I can smell bacon ... It smells yummy :)

Taste - Right now i cant taste anything other than the remains of a coffee i had a wee while ago but in a few minutes I'm going to have a tuna toastie ... Yummy :)

Touch - I can feel the hand plastic keys under my finger tips and the cold leather under my arms as they are resting on the sofa

I cant even upload any photos for you as my phone has decided to throw a strop with me today ... apologies :(