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#31Days Challenge - Day 7

Well I've made it a week at least :)

Today is Day 7 and the Prompt is "Your Pet Hates".

This one gave me a bit of a pause.

I'm not sure what would qualify as a pet hate as i am pretty laid back but i suppose a pet hate would be something that you get really angry or irritated about and i know a few things that i just cant stand. That counts right?

Discrimination toward someone over their race/religion/sexual orientation. 

Can you tell the difference? Cause i cant

Oh I have got really upset over this topic and to be honest i have also completely dropped friendships over it too cause i just cant tolerate the way some people act when it comes to the above. Yes that makes me sound like a bitch and like my opinion is the only one that counts but i cant sit in someones company and hear them very easily come away with disgusting comments about gay people or black people. If you don't agree with same sex marriage then that's your opinion and you are entitled to it but saying things like how its against god and its disgusting just infuriated me. What happens in someone's bedroom is no-one else's business so long as its consensual and legal. I hate people attacking others for something they have no control over. I believe everyone should live and let live. No-one had the right to belittle anyone else ... and if you use the N word in front of me i will lose my ever loving mind!

Grown Adults screaming in the faces of their kids

I have on many occasions seen parents lose control and yell at an unruly child. It does happen. I've lost it at times with Agent M but what i have never done, and will never do, is grab my child and proceed to scream in his face. How terrifying as a child must that be to have the person who is supposed to love and protect you not only yell inches away from you face but publicly embarrass you in the process. No. Its not needed. Yeah, kids can really push the limits but going all drill Sargent on them only shows the rest of us you've lost your shit.
I tend to think of it if the roles were reversed too. I know i don't like someone screaming at me in general so to humiliate a kid like that is just cruel.