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#31Days Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 is here and today's prompt is "What's inside your handbag" ...

I don't have a typical 'handbag' so to speak as I can never find a nice one that's big enough but I love my Animal messenger bag which is pretty much the same thing anyway (plus it's big enough to fit all my stuff in lol)

Here it is in all its glory :)

Inside is ...

My Filofax - I have all my important dates and notes in this. I love that it's purple (since its my fave colour) and it comes everywhere with me. There are always pens inside.

Sprays - Every gal knows how important it is to smell nice, especially in this heat we have been having so I always have a bottle of deodorant and either a perfume or body spray in my bag. Today I've got the Hugo Boss Deep Red which is one of my all time faves (HB Orange is the other).

Tablets - I get really bad headaches sometimes do I tend to always have paracetamol to hand in my bag. Plus as we ate on holiday at the moment I have my antihistamines too ... the joys of staying out in the country without them are few and far between.

Tic Tacs - Being a hairdresser is a very hands on and means I'm up close and personal with clients. So who wants to have nasty breath while chatting with someone? YUCK! I get kinda paranoid about this too as even through I brush my teeth twice daily, I have an issue with a wisdom tooth extraction that makes my breath smell strange at times. Not loving it!

Brush - For those last minute hair touch ups.

Hankies - See tablets re:Hayfever ... plus incase Agent M needs one.

Hand sanitiser - the amount of stuff a child will touch during any given day out is horrific. Especially my inquisitive Agent M ... having this to hand makes me feel a little less anxious about what he's touching as I can quickly wash away all the germs before his hands go anywhere near his mouth.

Glasses & Case - Since i started in the college salon, i have been getting really bad migraines and it turns out its due to the strip lights ... So i have tinted glasses that allow me to work away quite happily while keeping the headaches at bay.

Headphones - For those bus journeys when you don't wanna hear everyone's loud conversations and some Muse is a much better substitute.

Purse - Keeping all my cards, vouchers and the odd penny or two in place :)