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#31Days Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 of the challenge and the prompt is "What are your worse habits" ... I'm not sure i have any habits that are that bad to be honest. I don't really drink and i quit smoking when before i had Agent M.

So i asked Agent D ... cause he would be blunt and to the point and he came up with a couple ... I wouldn't say they are bad habits (well maybe one) but here are the 3 i do that are bad (at least he hates)

  • I bite my nails - This one i agree with actually. He can tell when I'm stressed out as i sit and munch my nails (apparently with a really stressed staring into space look on my face). I do wish i would stop that though as i would love ho have lovely long nails naturally. I used to buy the nail varnish stuff to stop you biting them but it didn't work.
  • I am too critical of myself - I take stuff really personally if i don't do something right and i can get in a real downer if i much something up (his words) ... I should just chill out and stop being so stressed (If only)
  • I call myself fat - This one really gets to him and i have been given the stink eye many times when i refer to myself as fat. It now a banned word in out house and he's got Agent M in on it too. Any time i utter the word i have them give me into trouble