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#31Days Challenge - Days 12 & 13

Yesterday was supposed to be "Whats inside your Fridge" and today is "Whats your earliest memory" but since we spent yesterday in tears and in the car on the way home and today has been spent getting food shopping throwing up, I've decided to make the last 2 days into 1 and write my own prompt.

How was your holiday?

Honestly? It was great!

It started off with an over night stay in Wales with a family friend and ended with a week at my mums.

The first night in Wales was a really peaceful one. We arrived at night and after a tour of the house and a wee cuppa tea we went out to see the Horse. It was an equestrian themed day for Agent M as before we left Scotland he went on a school trip and got to feed a horse. Upon seeing S's horse he decided he was desperate to try riding next. S's horse was a little too wild though so we agreed i would get him a lesson at some point during the Summer holidays.

The next day we set off for Bristol and although the 3h journey took us 6h due to traffic and road works, we were still excited to reach Agent D's mum's. It was nice to see her and Si again. We met for the first time last summer and they were just as excited as us for our stay. 

The next day we went for a Picnic at Ashton court which was nice but a little bitter sweet as it was the first time seeing Nan Pat since she was diagnosed with cancer. It was really upsetting at first as she had shrunk so much since we last saw her. Agent D and i struggled to keep it together and it was rough with Agent M as he didn't really understand that she was terminally ill. *I think 8 is too young to know about the ins and outs of dying from cancer but we did have to explain that Nan isn't going to get better after some tough questions from him*. 
We had alot of things planned to do during our stay in Bristol but thanks to the trapped nerve and pulled muscle in my arm we couldn't do most of it. *Hard to bowl when you cant lift the ball and hard to enjoy a day at the science centre or aquarium when the pain killers your on make you feel dizzy*. We did however get a day out at Bristol Zoo with Agent D's Mum which was really nice and we spent a couple of days with Nan too cause it could possibly be the last time Agent M and i see her. 
The week went by pretty fast and then it was time to go across to Spalding to see my mum. While we were there we went out for Agent D's Birthday to Ribs N Bibs.
Because my mum stays kind out of the way, we didn't go out on many day trips (plus we were on a budget) but we did go out for dinner a few nights. It was really funny when we went to the Chinese restaurant as Agent M got really adventurous and tried some new foods like Duck and Squid. My adventurous streak only let me try Lemon Roulade (though i have tried Duck before and i tried Calamari a few nights later).
 Toward the end of the week got to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my Sister and Brother-in-law *Blog post goes live tomorrow* and Agent M got to have that horse riding lesson :)
He had a great time learning to ride Scooby Doo and is really keen to have another go at riding a horse ... To be fair he made it look so much fun that i wanted a go too :)

We'll need to see if there are any riding schools close to us here in Scotland.

It was a great holiday but it was really sad yesterday coming home. Its hard cause we only get to see my mum a few times a year, which makes it harder to say goodbye when the time comes :(

We're running a count down though as we will see them next month when they come up for a family wedding ... *Cough 47 days Cough*