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Gratitude #29

Its been a busy week getting back into the swing of things post holiday. Working my way through the washing and getting Agent M sorted with his Reading challenge and summer clubs. This weekend we decided to through a spanner in the works and organise the house which includes building flat pack furniture ... Not such a great idea but started now so there is no turning back. Gulp! I've got my fingers and toes crossed that it will be complete by the time i go back to college (In Sept) so we have 6 weeks to get it done.

This week I'm grateful for ...

  • Agent M - I've been getting to spend the week with him and so far its been great having Mama and M time (or as he calls it M&M time). We've been for breakfast, out to lunch, Been to the Cinema to see "Two by Two" and to the Zoo lab with the Library. He's been helping me out around the house too which I'm really grateful for as its getting kinda stressful just now with furniture moved about and boxes everywhere. 

  • Agent D - He's been doing the cooking this weekend which is kinda weird but really nice as it's left me time to do some blogging, having some "me" time and getting things a bit more organised. He's also been a wee darling and building up all the flat pack furniture for me (2 down 2 to go) ... It's nice having some help round about the house. I hope it continues as I'm getting used to not having to do everything around here myself.