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Its OK not to fully book your summer

All parents of school aged kids know the trials and tribulations that come with the summer holidays. The shear mention of 7 weeks holiday is enough to make the best of us break into the sweats but there are ways and means to keep the kids entertained over the summer ... without booking them out.

I feel like I'm the only parent that hasn't got her kid booked into some form of club or activity every day of the summer holidays. I've heard about kids that will leave the house at 9am and be doing some form of activity right up till dinner time and I've seen the outcome with one child in particular being so tired, the poor lass sat on the swings and cried her eyes out when we were playing in the park. I cant help but feel so sorry for these kids cause they are shuffled from place to place and get no family time. Most adults are knackered from working those hours so just imagine how tiring it must be when your running around or playing with others all day. I feel knackered just hearing about these kids schedules.

Agent M had a few activities and workshops over the summer but I'm using this time off to actually spend with him. Yes there are times when I'm grateful for the time he's away as i can fit a client in or do some work on the house but when the schools and college start back, our time together will be limited again. We will be too tired to spend the day crafting or wont have enough hours in the day to take a walk to the park. Even something as simple as playing Jenga with him is a bonus as its Mama and Teeny time :)

Yes keeping kids busy will keep them out of your hair and stop the "I'm bored" but maybe its good for them to be bored once in a while. I like that Agent M can entertain himself and if a prompt is needed cause Mama has housework or paperwork to do he can always reach for the Bored Jar. Its also giving me a chance to teach him things like trying different crafts and how to cook. 

I think one on one time with your kids is important. And lets face it, I'll blink and Agent M will be a teenager who wants nothing to do with me *sob*.

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