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Back to School

I'm feeling a little bit emotional today.

I'm not sure if its made worse because I've had only 4 hours sleep but today Agent M starts primary 4 and i feel all sad.

Why? Cause my baby boy is growing up.

I know that probably sounds really silly ... of course he's growing up ... he's supposed to ... that's a good thing.

Yeah, it is and I'm proud of how well he's turning out. I've had very few "difficult" phases with Agent M but I'm becoming more and more aware that I'm gonna have to let him go (so to speak). He's coming up on 9 fast and furiously and soon he'll wanna spend time with his friends over doing things with me. Soon he'll get really nippy about me kissing and cuddling him in public. He's already started to get that independent way. It was a fuss me walking through the school gates with him this morning cause he wants to go on his own and play football with his pals.

Seeing the little ones starting school this morning just brought it all flooding back to me. 4 years ago that was me holding back the tears taking my baby into primary 1 and now he's half way through his primary school years.

I feel really teary today with it all but i knew it was coming.

I'm not going to be needed as much as he grows up and eventually he'll be a teen and not want anything to do with me.

What am i supposed to do then?

Maybe i should take up gardening *sigh*

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