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Gratitude #31

Its been 2 weeks since i wrote a Gratitude list. Which is bad. 


Well honestly, I've not been looking on the positive. I've been just trying to keep my head above water and although its not been easy, at least I've been making it work.

This last week has been a rather house bound one. The beginning of the week i felt really ill and just wanted to stay in my bed and feel sorry for myself and its kinda just been the same all week (minus the getting to stay in bed part). I'm not sure what's up. If its a bug or what but I'm so drained and cant seem to keep any heat in me. Its crap though cause I've been deliberately staying away from family (especially elderly) just in-case it is a bug and i get them sick. Karmically i don't want that hanging over me. This weekend I've been a bit more energetic, Taking Agent M into town and getting the last of his school clothes. At least that's one thing off my to do list :)

This week I'm grateful for
  • Agent M - We've been spending a lot of time together over the summer break and although I'm all minecraft'ed out, I've been really enjoying the time together.

    Its just simple things we have been doing like cuddling up on the sofa while watching movies or playing with his made up Lego games (again Minecraft) or even just him wanting me to come talk to him while he has a shower, Its been nice to get one on one time.

    I am hoping to get out a bit more next week. We have a crafty workshop planned and he's desperate to see Inside Out so perhaps a cinema trip will be in order :)
  • Shabba - We have our lovely wee dog back and i didn't realise just how much i missed him till he was home. Its nice having him snuggle up to my feet when I'm on the sofa or have him sleep beside me at night :)

    I've been trying to teach him some tricks as it were. So far he's getting the hang of sit but only when i tell him for some reason and I'm trying to get him to learn stay. Will make it easier when i open the front door not to have him bolt to who-ever is there. Such a sociable wee dog, he has to get in about everyone :)