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Gratitude #33

Its been a quiet week here and to be honest I'm glad for it. Agent M came back on Wednesday and it was a relief to have him home since the car has been acting up. I had images of him being stuck at the side of the road for the night. It's nice to have my family back together :)

Agent M has also been away with his Papa this weekend too so its given me a chance to get everything ironed and labelled for going back to school on Tuesday. I'll be honest, I'm kinda sad that tomorrow (Monday) is the last day of the summer holidays but at the same time I'm relieved that we'll be back in our routine again and that i can get some time to myself to get ready for college starting back up. At least i don't need to go hunting for a minion bag and gym shoes for me :)

This week I'm grateful for

  • Agent D - He's been a real trooper though all the heartache of his Nan passing and having him home again, i can feel the difference. It was right up to the 11th hour wither he was going to be able to go or not, and I'm really grateful we could pull together the money to let him go. Although money is tight, You only get once chance to pay your respects to someone who's passed. Since he's been back though he's been alot calmer and been able to have a giggle with him again :) We of course sent him lots of pictures to make sure he knew we were thinking about him :) Kisses for Dad!
  • Agent M - I've tried to make this last week as fun as i could since it was the last week of the holidays. He's been helping out around the house (which i appreciate) so i decided to treat him with a trip to the Cinema to see Inside Out. We went for lunch before hand too which is nice cause I'm hoping these are the things he'll remember when he's older. Times out with Mama :)

    *Can you tell by the face that he's getting fed up of Mama taking pictures all the time lol*