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Gratitude #34

Well the school holidays are officially over and Agent M went back to School this week. I had mixed feelings about it to be honest.

I was glad to get him back into the routine of school and to be honest its a relief to get some time to myself. I know that sounds really bad coming from a mum but lets get real here ... Sometimes Mummies need some down time too. Between getting ready for school/college, dealing with Family stuff and feeling really low, my head has been kind of cramped. At the same time though, Its kinda sad too as i miss having my wee pal with me during the day. Yeah the constant Minecraft talk started to make me zone out but i always had company and his made up jokes (however random) were really funny. Him going into primary 4 is a bit scary too cause he's growing up so fast!

I guess that's just parenting for ya.

A big old muddle of emotions.

This week I'm grateful for ...
  • Friends - This week has been a bit shitty for me mentally. I don't know what's up with me just now but i just feel 'Meh'. I had made plans with a friend from College to meet for coffee and although on the day i was feeling like i just wanted to curl up on the sofa, i resisted the urge cause i really missed her and wanted to meet up again. I'm so glad i did! Getting the chance to chat, some of it important stuff and some of it rather trivial, made me feel alot more 'normal'. It wasn't till we took a trip to the college that i realised what could be up. I've been feeling lonely and very much in need of adult conversation. Yeah Agent M will talk your ears off but all the conversations with him have to be age appropriate. Sometimes you just need that friendly ear that will understand when you say "I feel like shit!". I start college in 2 weeks and i cant wait! It will be nice to meet up with all my old class mates again cause I've missed them over the summer. It will be nice to get back into the swing of learning again cause I've missed feeling like i was doing something worth while. And I've missed feeling like my old self ... Cause she was alot more upbeat!