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Gratitude #35

Its been one of those weeks again.

I've been rushed off my feet this week with fitness classes and family coming together for my cousins wedding party. I also had my college induction which was kind of exciting. This was officially my last week of summer as I'm back in college this Wednesday coming (2nd Sept). It will be nice to get back into the swing of learning again and to be honest, I've missed the company of my fellow stylists :)

Like i said i have been going to some fitness classes this week too which has been exhilarating. I'm enjoying the idea of getting fit and although one of the classes did result in me throwing up (that wasn't pleasant) i have been trying hard to get in shape.

In terms of weight loss, I've been really bad food wise. Due to being so tired from 2 classes back to back, i couldn't bother cooking so we had Chinese, i had a kids meal at Burger King yesterday between a client and the party and tonight cause i feel really ill and cant stomach the idea of standing cooking in the kitchen we are ordering in again. I'm pretty sure my pound loss is gonna go out the window next week when i weigh in. I just need to hope that i can work it back off in the gym *Fingers crossed*

This week I'm grateful for

  • Agent M - I was a little worried how well he would get back into the routine of school and more specifically homework since the usual process was similar to pulling teeth however he has been brilliant and has been thoroughly enjoying school again. Long may that continue. He has also started swimming lessons this week which was great as it took me a while to convince him to go. His usual argument was "but what if i drown?" failing to grasp that that is the point of learning to swim. He does know some of the basics but when its time to take another breath he tends to panic a little, However his first lesson went well and his instructor was very pleased with how confident he was in the water. I had a proud lump in my throat watching my baby boy swim :)

  • My Family - I come from a massive family on both my mum and dads side. My dad's side of the family are kind of scattered and although the majority of them live in Scotland, we don't really see much of each other or keep in touch bar the occasional Facebook comment. My mums side however are all involved in each others lives. I know what all my cousins and extended family are doing, we all communicate and when we get together, usually revolving around the Grandparents, we all easily fit back into the swing of family life. My maternal side of the family all lookout for each other and its very strange to leave them without a kiss and cuddle goodbye.

    This weekend was my Big Cousins wedding party. Almost like a reception for their wedding since they got married abroad so that we can all celebrate with them. It was brilliant. All the cousins came with their kids, some extended family made the trip and we had a great time. My mum and co made the trip too which was brilliant as it gave me another chance to seen them from the summer. Having all of us i the one room along with the Brides family was interesting as it was really jazzy to see the generations getting together. Its a rare thing to be able to get 4 generations of the one family in the same room and since my grandparents are getting on, having these family gatherings makes it all the more special. I'm very grateful that i still get to spend time with my family cause i love every one of them :)
The Cousins (20 or so years later)