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Hama Bead Dinosaurs

Before the Summer break, Agent M was doing a Dinosaur topic at school. He enjoyed it so much that i decided to have a look for some crafting activities over the summer with a Dino theme.

There were a few things that came up but this set caught my eye ... Dinosaur Hama Beads.

I used to play with Hama beads when i was younger so i thought it would be fun to let Agent M try them out. The Kit came with everything that you need to make the 3 dinosaurs on the box.

Hama beads come in 3 different sizes now (i only remember the Midi size) and this kit in particular is a midi kit. Below is a comparison so you can get a rough idea of the difference.

Midi is the most common size for the kits I've seen and Maxi is good for the smaller kids. *I bought a mini kit for myself and I'm telling you they are tiny! I'll blog about that kit when i get the chance to sit down and make it lol*

Because the beads are so small (even at Midi) i would recommend putting them in some kind of container ... That said the kids may still scatter them. Agent M made a good job at dropping a few for me to find later lol.

Plus side to the tub is that there will be Hama beads left so if the tub has a lid then its instant storage for them *Agent M is heart set on making more Hama "creations" with the left overs*

The instructions are pretty straight forward and the pattern they give you to follow is really easy so i left Agent M to it while i got on with some housework. 

Every now and again i would come and check on him and find him quite happily adding beads to the peg board till he eventually completed his first dino - Terry the T-rex (his choice in name btw).

He was told from the beginning that the ironing would be left to me, so after he completed the dinosaurs, i gave them a quick press with the iron and voilĂ  ... We now have a trio of dinosaurs roaming the house :)

It was great fun for him to make them so I've secretly ordered some more kits and beads to add to our stash. I hope he likes them :)

Did you ever play with Hama beads?
Have you made anything crazy with them?

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