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Weight Loss Stumbles

Its been 3 weeks today since i decided to try and get fit and so far I'm having mixed feelings.

The first week went quite well i feel ... I was keen to get started and i figure that small changes that can be maintained long term would be better than drastic changes that i couldn't stick to.
I was a big fizzy juice drinker. I would get a 2lt bottle of Sprite or 7-Up and that would be what i would drink through the week. Often when i was out i would get a bottle of something fizzy to quench my thirst and on many an occasion i would still be thirsty an hour or so later and have to buy another one.

This was first on my get fit hit list. I have gone from having alot of fizzy juice to having only 2 glasses in the 3 week period. (Both of these times was a Fresh orange and Lemonade while out with the Agents. I will say this is a big improvement and I've been finding I'm not as thirsty all the time when I'm drinking water. Its seems to quench it better, though I'm hoping to up my water to 2lt a day.

I've decided to weigh myself every Saturday (Since that's when i took my initial weight) and after the first week i was pleased to find i had lost 2 pounds. Obviously i was going in the right direction.

Week 2 was a bit of a harder week for me.

Agent M was on his last week of holiday and we spent most of the time out and about. When it came to lunch time i wanted something quick and easy so we ended up having food out a few times. Not the healthiest option! And dinners where really bad too. I was tired and feeling really crappy so we had quick food. Burgers ... Pizza ... Chicken Kiev. All foods that weren't exactly the best thing to be eating when you wanna lose weight. My only saving grace was that i skipped the chips in favour of salad (Which I'm really loving just now).

The weigh in for week 2 told me i lost 1 pound ... Which although i wasn't exactly thrilled with, i kind of expected.

This last week I'm been trying really hard and although i had a set back emotionally with some random wee bitch in the town calling me fat (That really hurt!) I've been doing good food wise and exercising more. I've been walking instead of getting the bus if its a shorter distance and I've been trying out some exercise videos too (though i find myself getting distracted with housework or shabba thinking I'm trying to play.
I weighed myself this morning, hoping for another pound or two loss and i was really disappointed to see i had gained a pound.

Safe to say I'm in a pretty pissed off mood.

I don't know what i have done wrong or if its just a shit happens kinda deal.

I'm trying to look at it in terms of 3lb in 3 weeks isn't too bad ... At least its something but this week had just really annoyed me.

Agent M is due to start swimming lessons next week and while i was in the Galleon Centre, i noticed that they do an offer for College students to join for £28.05 a month which gives you access to the gym, swimming pool, sauna and some classes.

I'm going to try some of the classes individually to see if its something i can do and if so I'm gonna join the gym. Hopefully that will help me get on the right track exercise wise and when I'm trying to follow a Yoga move i wont have a dog trying to climb over me for cuddles. Good thing is i can do a few of them on my days off when Agent M is at school so i don't have to worry about him.
Here's just hoping i start to lose the weight again and don't gain any more :(

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