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So we are a month into my weight loss and on the whole, its not been as great as i had hoped.

All in i have lost and gained weight but at the end of the month i have lost a total of 3lb ... Still its better than nothing and its to be expected to have a bumpy start. This last week has been terrible in terms of eating healthy. 3 take outs in one week is really bad (even before i wanted to start loosing weight and i think that my feeling really ill at the beginning of the week has been partially down to me having junk food for the first time in a month ... plus the fizzy juice from the party. Not sure if junk food poisoning is a thing but if so, I've done myself a good one.

I'm hell bent to get my shit back in order and write this week off as a one off (we don't have big family gatherings enough for me to have to worry about it happening again any time soon).

One thing i am really proud of is that i have been going to fitness classes and working out more. I'm loving the Aqua Trim at my local swimming and there are a few other classes i wanna try out too. I did try Bums, Tums and Thighs but i only lasted 20 minutes in that class before i had to run out to vomit. Next time the instructor says this class is hard for beginners, I'm gonna listen! I've made a note of some others that will fit in with my College timetable that look fun ... i just hope i can manage them *How hard is Zumba?*.

In the mean time however I've decided to make myself a motivation board.

Its a really simple idea that so far has been keeping me going. I have it hung in my room right across from my bed so i see it multiple times a day and although this sounds silly, I really like the idea of physically seeing my pounds coming off lol.

The board its self is a basic cork notice board that i painted in a bright colour (cause who gets motivated by dreary and miserable colours) and have set up so i can keep track of my weight loss.

From the top left ...
  • I bought a small wipe board from Asda on which i have my "target and goals for the month". Yes i have blanked out my current weight and target as i am not ready to reveal my shame yet but i have those numbers glaring at me so i can keep the goal firmly in my head!
  • The "pounds to lose/pounds lost" section is just twine with mini pegs on them. That way i can see the loss and be able to watch it "drop off" as it where before i see any physical change in my body. The top 2 rows are what i want to lose and the bottom row is what i have lost so far. It might not be much now but I'm still gonna keep trying :)
  • The "Before and After" is a digital representation of what i look like now and what i will look like when i reach my target. I know i wont look exactly like that but lets be honest, seeing how i can look is gotta make you wanna try harder, especially when you hate how you look now.
  • "My Measurements" is a new bit (hence why i haven't filled it in yet) but I'm going to track my weigh loss around my body too. I've been told that as i build muscle i will possibly gain weight but still be getting slimmer so I'm going to get my measurements too so i can still (hopefully) see some loss.
  • "Motivational quotes" that i found on Pinterest. Its all part of the motivation :) You can see all the pins i have saved on my pinterest at the bottom of this post, along with other fitness themed pins.
  • I like knowing what's happening and when so i have an "Exercise plan" for the week to keep me going. Since i am in the salon till late on in the evening on a Thursday and Friday I've decided they will be my rest days, along with Sunday as that's generally when i get prepared for the week ahead (washing and ironing the school uniforms and making lunches up etc).
  • Last up i have a list of some "Weight Equivalents". This is one of my favourite finds. It gives you a list of weights and what they equate to. For example losing 1lb is the same as losing a guinea pig ... My 3lb loss is the same as the average human brain which is alot more visual that just 3 pegs. 
I've read online that the human brain works best on a reward system which if you think about it (as a parent especially) it totally works! I decided to give it a try and see if it can help keep my motivation up. As well as being slimmer and healthier *which is a reward all on its own*, at certain stages when i lose a specific amount of weight, i will treat myself to something nice. I just need to write it up and add it to my board but here is what my rewards are going to be.

At ...
7lb - Eos Lip Balm (the half stone mark to keep the momentum going)
14lb - Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu Ray
28lb - A New Crafting Kit
42lb - Hannibal box set on Blu Ray
56lb - American Horror Story box set on Blu Ray
84lb - A new Tattoo

I know your probably reading that last one and thinking 84lb??? Yeah, My aim is to lose 6 stone. The fact that i can even lose 6 stone and still be in the double digits in term of weight is horrific to me. Like i said before I'm still not ready to say how heavy i am as I'm too embarrassed by it but at least I'm trying to do something about it.

To see all the images i have used plus loads more weight loss pins, inc recipes and trackers have a look at my pinterest board below and feel free to give it a follow to keep up to date with more pins :)

Super Busy Mum


  1. I think you're on the right start. Loosing weight is a battle, but keeping it off is even harder. I'm going to share with you something that worked for me. I'm sure if others read this they're going to think I'm a bitch, but here goes. When I started dieting, and I wanted something bad to eat, I would look around and see some heavy women and say to myself, "do I want to look like that?". Who know's it's possible I already looked like that, but it worked. It made it easier to say no to junk food.

    I've lost and kept off 53 lbs since 2004. I would recommend this: don't be so hard on yourself if you cheat, and make small goals, as 5 lbs is more obtainable than 25 lbs. Allow yourself one major cheat, once you reach that small goal. Mine was always Ben and Jerry's. After your treat, get back on the program and don't feel guilty for cheating, because you deserved it. I wish you much luck and success with your weight loss journey.

  2. Fantastic stuff! Love the motivation board! I really need to lose weight too so this has given me motivation.


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