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Playing Catch Up

Oft, I don't know about you guys but I really needed that weekend.

Last week I started back at college and although I have been looking forward to it, getting back into my routine was harder than I thought. Not being able to sleep at night then getting up at 6am has taken its toll on me ... my skin has turned to shit!

My weight loss has taken a back seat too since I was really ill at the beginning of the week I couldn't make it to my fitness classes. I did however manage a wee swim while agent M was in his swimming lessons so at least that's something (plus climbing my way up 4 floors with a kit bag has to count for something lol). I'm thinking about moving my weigh In's from every Saturday to the end of every month. That way i can focus on my monthly goals i.e Cutting down on the junk and sugar. I'm quite chuffed that I've managed to cut fizzy juice out (with the exception of last weekends wedding) ... I've noticed a big improvement on my feeling bloated and now the headaches have subsided so I'm thinking that i was heavy into fizzy/sugar withdrawal.

I have jumped whole heatedly into my second year of college. 

Not one to miss an opportunity I have decided that I wanna learn more and therefore earn more so I've signed up to a nail care class on Tuesday evenings with the intention of moving onto acrylics after Christmas. I've also signed up for a barbering evening class on a Thursday to get extra training there so it's safe to say I'm gonna be knackered by the time summer rolls back round.

I feel good about it though. 

I want to earn ... I need to earn so going for as much training as my brain can hold will at least help me get half way there. 

The clients are another matter. 

I'm not sure I know enough people to cover all the assessments I'm going to have (unless I can cross assess - use client "X" for both cut, colour and nails *oh please let that be allowed*). This year I'll need to focus on building my client Base and getting my name out there. I'm hoping my work experience in a busy salon will help me pick up some tips and tricks along the way.

I'm hell bent I wanna get out there and carve out my little slice of the industry.

I gotta start somewhere.

So what does that mean for my hobbies.

Honestly, I have no idea. 

The way my timetable is working out I'm out the equivalent of 37 hours a week ... then I have Agent M to care for and making sure I spent enough time with Agent D to stop him feeling neglected. At some point I will have to ear and sleep so I can't see much time for crafting on the cards but I will try when I can. 

Till then I'll blog as much as I'm able and perhaps get to share some tips I've been learning though out my courses (3 at one time - I must be off my rocker!).

I hope you can understand and that you stick with me while i get into the flow of all this.

Its gonna be some ride :)