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My Week in Pictures - 15/11/15

This week the weather has been really bad up here. We've had non stop rain which has led to alot of flooding so we've been spending the week pretty much soaked through and in jammies when we've been home from College/School.

With the colder darker nights coming in we've been enjoying the snuggles on the sofa while we watch movies (or Movie - Hotel Transylvania has been on repeat lol) and Agent M is giddy at the idea of putting the Christmas tree up soon. I refuse to put it up before Dec 1st though!

1. A lovely rainy scene while i wait for the bus home
2. Practising some Christmas nail designs
3. Lunch at College with the girls (and the driest fish and chips ever bought)
4. Practising my cuts and colour on my doll head
5. Taking some time out to have a much needed coffee and plan some future Blog posts
6. Agent D falling asleep cuddling into me :)