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My Week in Pictures - 22/11/15

Its been a busy week here at Crafty Towers ... College work is starting to drain most of my time ... I guess it was bound to happen when taking two courses simultaneously. Still, So far I'm keeping up. I just hope that by the time June rolls round i will have made it out with my qualifications and all my hair. This weekend however i am taking a break. I need some Mummy time and my poor blog has been getting neglected. I have 3 assessments due this week so it's probably a good idea to allow myself some chill out time.

Left to Right ...

  • Killing time before a doctors appointment with a yummy white mocha 
  • Practising my alternative methods assessment on my doll head. This was created with tinfoil and straighteners
  • Agent M watching the Ferry in the ocean (the thing with lights lol)
  • Replenishing fluids in between at the soft play
  • Practising my manicures for assessment this week
  • Shabba snuggling in watching me do college work.