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My Week in Pictures - 29/11/15

This week has been go go go which has accumulated in me sitting on the sofa with pain killers and a hot water bottle but i made it through 4 assessments in the one week and i made a trip up to Glasgow to see my little sister.

This weekend has been dedicated to getting better though. Both Agent M and i have been a little under the weather so rather than running about we went into town for some supplies and then home for tea and pj's. Its been nice just getting to chill with him and watch movies. I cant wait till the Christmas break when we can do it more :)

Clockwise from Left

  • The rain finally stopped for one night and the moon could peak out from the clouds.
  • Agent D wanted his hair cut ... ain't he gorgeous :)
  • A perfect blow out before i went to town on her hair with the Crimpers.
  • Agent M and i getting a wee Costa after getting some shopping for the week.
  • Models Own "shop" i found in Glasgow ... If only i had the spare pennies i would have been well kitted out.
  • Shabba not very happy with mummy cause i made him of out in the rain for a pee ... He's been a wee crank all week cause he hates the rain.
  • Travelling to see my baby sister ... Got to see her twice this year ... but i cried on the way home :(