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My week in Pictures

I'm a fan of taking pictures ... Anyone that follows me on Instagram can vouch for that but many of my photos don't ever make it to a blog post (which is kinda sad when you see how many i actually take).
So ... rather than just damning them to one of the MANY folders i have full of photos, i thought i would start joining in the "My week in Pictures" posts.

I'm hoping this will get me into the swing of #Project365 again as I'm hoping to start (and keep up) in 2016.
Clockwise from the Left ...
~Shabba snuggling up on the Sofa with me
~A bouncy blow dry on a client for Assessment ... I Passed :)
~The leaves fallen from the tree's ... I love Autumn
~Chilling with a Lush Bath Bomb after a hard day at College
~Agent M getting his Trick or Treat on ... He got loads this year
~Agent M and I having a giggle and a coffee (and Hot Chocolate)
~Meeting Papa to spend the night
~Happy Halloween Snacks 

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