No Spend November - The final tally

At the beginning of the month i had decided to try a No Spend November in order to save some pennies in time for Christmas.

The aim was to save as much as i could however it didn't quite go to plan.

Between an issue with my bursary and some projects for college that i had to buy supplies for i ended up eating into my savings which has annoyed me no end.

However, providing my bursary gets sorted i will be £93 up and i did manage to sell some old toys and clothes making a nice wee profit to add to the Christmas fund.

So i guess looking at it that way I've done not too bad ... £200.20. 

I did get a few Christmas prezzies that were on sale too so at least i have saved something on the things that i was planning to get anyway.

I think that I'll need to try again after Christmas to see if i can get some savings put past ... I hate when my bank account is empty incase we have any emergencies.

Did you try the Challenge?

How well did you do?

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