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No Spend November

Last June i took part in a No Spend challenge in order to see how much money i could save for our summer holidays. It turned out to be quite successful as i saved £288.43 at the final tally.

Well things are rather tight right now and with Christmas just 53 days away i have alot to save up for ... So I've decided to try the challenge again. I'm hoping that i can save the original £200 i had hoped for last year and who knows, i might go above it again :)

The premise is simple ... DON'T SPEND MONEY!

Of course there are the necessary exceptions so here are a few rules to keep you right.

  • Bills are a necessity and obviously must be paid. Don't get yourself into debt while trying to save money!
  • Food is a necessity but where possible, go for budget friendly alternatives. Rather than ordering a take out, Check the cupboards ... Rather than buying expensive things like Steak, Make a big pot of mince which is half the price for double the meals. 
  • Going into town is always a bad idea. You'll see something that may be a good bargain but not really needed then will spend money you don't really want to. Best just to avoid it. 
  • Pack your own where you can. Each day at college i will buy a few cups of coffee and lunch ... Not this month! If i wanna have a coffee i need to bring it from home and the same with lunch. £4 for a toastie isn't value for money when i can bring in my own sandwich or salad and save a small fortune!
  • Where possible make some money! Agent M has a box full of toys that he's too old for and likewise with clothes that are still in great condition but too small. I'm aiming to sell them on and put the money into the Christmas fund.

    Any money i make from Clients is going toward replacing items that have gone missing from my kit or that i need to college but that is a necessity for my course.

Living on a student budget really sucks sometimes but I'm gonna try to make the best out of a difficult situation.

How do you save up for things like Christmas? Would you join in on a no spend challenge?