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Blogmas Day 2 - Homemade Card Ideas

I had so many plans for Christmas this year but after damaging my arm and being put on really strong pain killers, I'm struggling to get dressed myself, let alone get crafty. So instead of making my own cards as i hoped to, I'm just gonna end up buying a couple of cards and get Agent M to write them (its my right arm I've hurt - and I'm right handed).

I thought though i would share the ideas I've collected though in case you wanted to make your own.

Some of them are tree themed

Some of them are as simple as sticking buttons onto card

And some of them are great for the kids to get involved with ... What Grandparent wouldn't love a handmade card from the kids

There are loads more ideas on Pinterest that could be completed in an afternoon. Will you be making your own cards this year or resorting to bought?