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Blogmas Day 8 - Decorating the Tree

Today is the dreaded day ... Dreaded in that its time to decorate the tree. I enjoy it once its up but the putting up and dismantling of the tree is the thorn in my festive paw.

But i get grief if i don't put it up so after breakfast, Agent D went up to the spare room and brought all the boxes down.

Thankfully he was willing to do the heavy lifting and the high up stuff ... I have to admit i do love our new tree that we got last year. I know black isn't a "traditional" Christmas colour but with the silver glitter and the colourful babbles ... It works!

The baubles were the same as last years ... Disney Villain and Nightmare before Christmas ... If i have to put up a tree, I'm gonna put it up how i like :)

I also bought some new tinsel this year that matches the colours of the baubles perfectly to so even though its a black tree its still quite colourfully decorated.

I'm thinking though that perhaps in the new year i might try to get a few more of the baubles from the Disney shop if they are on sale as i love the Disney theme. Maybe some Olaf?

All in the finished tree looks brilliant and Agent M is really happy which makes all the glitter everywhere kinda worth it. Also this Shabba's first experience with trees and the whole "Christmas thing so it will be interesting to see how he deals with it all. The calender has been a ht so far :)

Now if only i can get the stockings and the tinsel on the fireplace to say up I'll be all set