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Look back on 2015

I don't know if its just me but this year has really flown in. I always feel like it goes fast but its like I've blinked and we've gone from the summer to Christmas.

2015 was kind of up and down for us at the crafty household.

Both Agent D and i passed our college courses and we gained a family member in the form of wee Shabba but we have had to say goodbye to a few family members too which has been heartbreaking as almost all of them were from battling Cancer.

We celebrated birthdays and got to go on holiday down to England to see family which was brilliant. Its hard to say goodbye to my mum after the summer but i was luck enough to get to see her again this Christmas :)

I passed my Level 5 Hairdressing course and am half way through Level 6. On top of that i have been doing nail courses at night and have signed up to anther that starts in January which I'm looking forward to. Its been a very educational year for me :)

Anyway, A picture paints a thousand words so here are some of my fave snaps from 2015 ... Here's hopping that 2016 is just as good (if not better).