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My Week in Photos - 15/12/15

I am so bored!

I didn't realise just how dependent i have become on the use of my right shoulder. On the plus side i have complete feeling back on my arm and i can move it from the elbow down without pain but seriously ... This is beyond a joke!

I've had to stop taking on hair clients (which i really fricken needed this close to Christmas) but have had a few Nail clients and can do them without too much pain (cause i can rest my arm on the table) so here is hoping i get an influx of Nail clients soon.

I am gonna end up like a funky Popeye with one giant arm at this rate as I'm learning to do more with my Left arm ... Proud moment for me when i could colour my own hair one handed (Agent D assures me its even cause i canny see my right side properly just now lol). Still ... At least I'm trying!

Photos starting from top left -

  • I officially passed my nail course. It was a difficult 12 weeks trying to juggle everything but i did it and big picture, it was totally worth it!
  • I think Shabba knows that my depression is bad just now cause he wont leave me be, even when the boys are here he's always coming over to cuddle me. Such a wee babe.
  • I think I'm a glutton for punishment ... I've signed up for the Gel Enhancement course (provided i get enough clients in time to pay for it).
  • Mama too some time to herself after an emotional day and decided to have a coffee and a read.. Made me feel alot better
  • The frost has started to creep in ... I love the glittery look it makes
  • Wee Shabba in his Christmas Jumper quite happy to lie on my lap
  • Colouring hair one handed ... Level: Expert