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My Week in Photos - 7/12/15

I honestly don't know why i bother planning out things cause its a sure fired way to make sure none of it gets done.

I've been house bound this past week with a buggered shoulder/neck and as much as i would love to think that would make me more productive around the house, the cocktail of diazepam and naproxen is ensuring i cant do much more than keeping falling asleep. That said, its great actually getting some sleep as mentally i am feeling much better. Haven't had a panic attack in over a week and believe me when i say ... that means more to me than i can express.

Blogmas is taken a bit of a beating too ... I had the posts planned out but days 4, 5, 6 and 7 all included crafts and baking which require 2 arms ... so its not been happening. I'll try as best as i can but i doubt I'll be doing them as well as i would have wanted.

I have been taking some snaps this week though
From the top Left ...
  • Agent M helping Mama with her hot water bottle and giving me plenty of kisses :)
  • Setting up the Advent Calenders while we wait for Agent M to wake up, Shabba is fair excited to get his first taste of Christmas.
  • Agent M opening his Lego Calender
  • My boys snuggling up on the sofa watching Big Bang Theory
  • Practising some Nail Art ... Trying to be festive
  • Shabba watching the men working on the road