Finding Frugality

I'm beyond tired of being poor you know that. And I didn't think I really was that poor until this Christmas.

I sat down with my paper and pen with the intention of working out a better budget that would allow me to keep up with my current bills and expenses but also help me get debt free.

What an eye opener that was.

I didn't realise just how bloody little I have left at the end of the month and to be honest I'm not sure how the hell I've managed to make it so far.

I have a lot of expenses coming up at the end of January (which includes a £110 bill to do another evening class). I'm not sure what to do about that now.

Yeah it will give me another window in which I can earn after the 12 weeks are up (it's a gel extension course) but that money has to be paid up front and in one go. Agent M has his swimming lessons due to be paid at the end of the month and since that's not only his only club type thing (he doesn't do football or karate) and it's a life saving thing (as well as good exercise for him).

I am more inclined to pay up the £44 for that.

College itself it turning out to be quite costly in of itself. I only get a bursary which doesn't include travel as I'm 0.2 miles within the cut off point (but I still have to pay £11.10 for my bus ticket) so I have my house budgeted really strictly. 

We have the odd £5-£10 left over a week which I try to keep past but thanks to 2 units in my course I have to provide a complete costume and make up for 2 assessments. 

I'm really grateful to my mammy for making me one of the costumes as the other one is up to £47 right now and I still have to get a few more things. That isn't covered in my bursary! Worse still is that both of these assessments are in January so that's alot of money to find after Christmas.

Many girls in my course have part time jobs to help supplement their bursary which I have thought about but I have no idea how I would fit that in and still see Agent M.

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So what can I do?

Well ... I'm gonna make 2016 as frugal as humanly possible.

I need to do something so that I can not only make ends meet but help get me debt free. 

Cards on the table time that's about £6000 I need to magic out of nowhere to become debt free but I think if I start to consciously make the effort I could be celebrating debt free come 2020. 

I'm giving myself 4 years to become completely debt free but I'm starting now. Literally this weekend! I have less than 4 weeks to find £150 and I'm not completely sure how the hell I'm gonna do it but I'm determined that at the very least Agent M isn't gonna miss out on his swimming. 

I can always wait another year to see if they are going to do the nail course again *please god I hope I don't have to wait* but in the mean time I'll share with you how I'm finding ways to become more frugal and with any luck debt free.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Our outgoings each month are ridiculous and I'm determined to cut back as much as possible this year and save some more! Look forward to swapping tips ;-) X

    1. Glad i'm not the only one then ... I could have cried when i sat and worked it out. Will be good to swap some tips with fellow savers :) xxx

  2. Money is so hard isnt it. I remember having to work 3 jobs when at college and I only had my mouth to feed so can imagine how hard it is for you. Are you under 30? Was just thinking maybe you could get the Princes Trust free grant for your nail course? Goodluck with it all! Nice to find you through #justanotherlinky

    1. I'm hoping it will get easier to budget as time goes by. I missed the deadline for my nail course so I'm going to commit a year to nails after the summer (provided i get into the course). Its hard trying to balance everything though. Feel sorry for Agent M at times cause he doesn't get as much time with me these days :( xx

  3. Oh I've been there hun and it's really, really horrible! I worked when I was at University and then again when my boys dad left as I just couldn't afford not too. He had left us in a load of debt and my outgoings were way more than my incoming. It was a nightmare. I hope you manage to sort something. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

    1. My Ex left us with a horrific amount of debt too which I'm trying to pay off but it will just take a long time to do so. I've been looking at part time work but i just feel so guilty that Agent M doesn't see me much as it is, working part time too will mean I'm practically never seeing him :( Its so hard to juggle everything isnt it? xx

  4. I am so feeling the pinch at the moment, I'm trying to pay back a loan from my boyfriends Mum as I had to replace my car and I hate owing money, but everything is cropping up this month and I need to organise and pay for a birthday party for next month for my youngest eek! Here's yo frugal living!
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

    1. I'm the same. I hate having to borrow money from family. Hopefully you'll be able to work out how to live more frugally too :) I'm posting my weekly frugal 4 on how i'm managing :) Thanks for hosting the linky xx

  5. Good luck lovely! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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