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Frugal 4 - Week 1

Last week really and truly violated my bank balance.

Honestly i sat starting at my savings account and my eyes started tearing up.

The competition unit for college really stung me and after coughing up £98.58 in total for everything from costume to make up, i was ready to cry into a pillow while eating my body weight in chocolate.

It did however pay off in a sense as i came 3rd for the 'Fantasy' category

Still though ... That is a hell of a lot of money that i couldn't really afford. A consequence of this is that i cant do my nail course which starts this Thursday and believe me when i say, I'm gutted over it. Still, that's life ...

And life ... It ain't cheap!

To try and counteract the spending (and build up the savings again), I'm going to try and do at least 4 frugal things each week. The money saved will go back into the pot and hopefully my back up/emergency fund will look a little better than the £1.03 it had at the beginning of the week.

My Frugal 4 this week were ...

  • I bought my college bus ticket online ... Rather than pay the £11.10 for a 7 day paper ticket, i bought a smart card ticket online for £10.80. Its only a 30p saving i know but its better than nothing.
  • I didn't buy any coffee at college this week. I normally get at least 2 cups per day which over 3 days is £9 on coffee ... I didn't buy any juice at college either, instead opting for the (strange tasting) water dispenser that's free of charge. That's another saving of £3.60 over the week.
  • We have been trying to save on the weekly shop ... taking it from around £80 to hopefully £40  week. Well on the 9th we went to Iceland and Lidl with the intention of stocking the freezer. In total we spent £95.70, however we haven't had to do a weekly shop since (other than bread and milk) so taking that one big shop, its worked out to around £48 for the each week. That's a saving of around £32 ... And our freezer is still well stocked so we might be able to stretch another week out of it!

  • I created a meal plan to go with what we now have in the freezer. Its meant that i know what to defrost the night before and we've not had to order in cause nothing was ready to eat. We even bought Chinese "take-away" from Iceland which worked out about quarter of the price of ordering in and we still got Sweet and Sour chicken for dinner :)

All in this week i saved nearly £45 which is pretty good!

Wonder how much i will be able to save come the summer?