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Frugal 4 - Week 2

This week has been really easy to save money ... Since I've been house bound for most of it. Agent M has been ill which has meant that i had to take time off college. That in itself is expensive as i have only one day off left. If he gets sick again and i have to take a day off after that its gonna cost me £93. That's an expensively stressful sick day!

Anyway, This week we have managed to hit the frugal 4 ... High Five!

  • Being off meant that i saved money on lunch this week. That's £8.40 that i have saved (£4.20 Thursday and Friday for a toastie, Juice and bag of crisps).
  • On the days i was in college i didn't have any coffee or juice from the vending machine like i usually do so there is a saving of £12.60.
  • We have managed to stretch the shopping out a bit more this week meaning I've managed to stretch a £95.70 shop over THREE WEEKS! I'm so chuffed with that. That takes my shopping down to £31.90 a week the last 3 weeks. That's a saving of £48.10 off my weekly food bill!
  • I did need to top up on a few things which cost £20 - Milk, Bread, Loo roll (24 rolls for £8), washing up liquid, sponges etc. but these are monthly top ups (bar the milk and bread) so that's a fiver a week for the month. Not too bad. I did however pick up a large pork joint that was £10 down to £3 and will do 2 meals of 3 servings so that's a hell of a saving! I'll be making Pulled Pork this week with half of it :)

This week i have saved £56.10 ... and added it to Agent M's birthday fund :)