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Gratitude #2

This week's gratitude is all about my everything ... Agent M

Honestly I don't think I could put into words how much I love that boy. Unless you have a child yourself you just can't understand the feelings you have for your baby.

Nothing he can do will ever change how I feel about him and everything he does fills me with so much pride that I feel like I could burst.

He's my reason for everything i do. I went back to college so i can make a better life for us, I am always thinking on how i can make his life better and in return that will make my life better as when he is happy, it makes me happier.

As he's getting older and older I can kind of see the type of adult he will be. He is so polite and well mannered that I know I have nothing to worry about when he's older.

Don't get me wrong, having such a great kid almost guarantees that he will be a difficult teenager but even when he's slamming my doors and swearing at me (though I can't picture that to be fair) I will still love him more than anything.

He's just my perfect little boy and i love him with my whole being. I am grateful everyday for him and that i get to be his mummy.