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Gratitude #3

This week has been really hard for me. Problems at college have been impacting my personal life and i haven't been the easiest person to get on with but i am very luck that i have a man that is understanding and willing to give me time to deal with how i feel. That man is Agent D.

I am very grateful to have Agent D in my life as he has made me feel loved and wanted when i didn't think it would be possible to trust another man again. He tries to look out for me and protect me and not only that he looks out for Agent M too. Even though he isn't his biological dad, he has taken on the role of dad and Agent M has flourished with him.

I know that we have had some rough times and no couple is perfect but to me he is amazing and i love him with all my heart.

I am grateful for every day that i get to say he is mine and i am his.

I am grateful for the love he gives Agent M and i.

I am grateful for everything about him.