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Happy New Year

Well its officially 2016 and we've made it! 

2015 was a mixed year ... Some good points and some horrible but then that's life isn't it. Its all about taking the good with the bad.

So what's in store for 2016?

Well i had made a list last year of what i wanted to have accomplished in 2015 and from it ... i managed to tick one off the list.

So rather than a check list i have been thinking more goals to work towards. By this time next year i hope to have ...
  • Worked more on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list
  • Have completed my Level 6 Hairdressing course and be qualified in either Gel or Acrylic nail enhancements.
  • Got my provisional licence and taken at least 2 driving lessons 
  • Grown my wee business a bit more by getting more clients
  • Have taken the Agents abroad since they have never been before :)
Other than that i hope that we all remain happy, healthy and blessed to be in each others lives.

In terms of my blog i am wondering where it will go in 2016. I have set up a survey that i would be grateful if you could give me your honest opinions on ... When i get 50+ responses, I'm gonna pick a name and send off a box of chocolates as a thanks.

With any luck I'll get more crafting done this year which i can make tutorials on ... and i already have a few recipes planned for this month :)

So here's to us and i hope your 2016 is fantastic