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My Week in Photos - 3/1/16

Its been a lovely quiet week here now that the madness of Christmas is over and New Year was quiet and relaxing :)

How was your festive season? I'll just be glad when we get back into our routine and i can get on with the mountain of assessments i have coming up.

Since I'm loving taking photos, I'm going to try and do #Project366 this year but I'll still be joining in with my week in photo posts ... Many of these are taken in the same day so it would be sad not to share them :)

Top Left ...

  • Playing Cars 2 Guess Who with Agent M ... He's much better at it than me lol
  • Built up his Minecraft Lego set that his Gran and Aunt bought him for Christmas
  • Joining up the 5 sets he has, he's created a whole Minecraft world.
  • Downloaded some books for my Kindle to keep me going ... Lots of James Herbert for mama
  • A coating of snow on Hogmany ... which unfortunately lead to a 6 car accident in front of our house ... Not fun to see :( This was taken before then.
  • Pizza for dinner cause i couldn't handle another night of leftovers and i was fed up cooking 
  • Agent D getting right into a game on the PS4 ... Isn't he handsome.
  • Agent D and Shabba curling up in bed while we watch some TV