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My Week in Pics - 24/1/16

Its been 2 weeks since i posted my week in pics purely because the sh*t at college was just making me so stressed out and so irritated that i didn't have time to sit down and blog. Turns out that it all paid off though (the competition at least) as I placed 3rd in my category :)

This weekend though i have been enjoying some down time before the madness of the next semester starts and the bridal projects need to get done (I'm gonna need more coffee!). Part of which was getting my blog organised ... and clearing out my phone :)

Here is this weeks photos ... Enjoy :)

From top left ...

  • On route to the pool for Agent M's swimming lesson ... its awfully cold to be in the water but he loves it so I'll keep taking him.
  • The snow looks gorgeous 
  • My Queen Bee's lashes ... So pretty!
  • Selfie with Mama
  • Shabba sat staring at Agent M's photo for a good 10 minutes before i had to shout his name to bring him around ... was getting weird lol.
  • Agent M moved up a level in his swimming lessons ... Proud Mama
  • Making the tutu for my Queen Bee
  • A manicure fit for a Queen (Bee) lol
  • Agent M and Shabba having morning cuddles