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My Week in Pics - 31/1/16

Its been a slow week in terms of photography in the house of Crafty. I've been stuck in front of a computer or my laptop all week or had my head under my pillow nursing a headache the rest of the time so photos have been scarce.

I have been keeping up with my #Project366 though ... Yay!

I'm on holiday in a week though so here's hoping the weather is better so i can get out and about and get some good snaps. This torrential rain and freezing wind is really getting me down.

From top left ...

  • Shabba isn't loving the early morning wake ups ... "6am mama? Are you for real?"
  • Looking at prices for going to Disneyland Paris for my 30th next year ... That ain't gonna happen unless we have a lotto win :(
  • Agent D turned up with a bag of Mini Eggs for me ... Such a darlin
  • Had a stressful week so my Friday night was all about distractions.
  • The only "Me" time i get during the week is when i go for a bath and set my Kindle up to read to me.
  • But look at this face ... I don't mind no me time when i get to spend my time with this wee man :)
  • He's such a polite boy too ... Gave me a wee thank you note for helping him with his homework ... I've definitely raised a good one :)