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Last year i attempted to join in with #Project365 but i ended up forgetting it for a week which kind of ruined it for me ... and project 142 doesn't sound as good lol.

Anyway 2016 is a new (day extra) year so I'm going to give the challenge a go again.
I cant help it. 
I love being able to look back on the photos I've taken and since I'm forever snapping away, its nice to showcase some of them.

I'm combining it with the Fat Mum Slim #FMSphotoaday prompts i follow so that its more likely that i make it to the end of the year (plus it'll check one thing off my 101 things list). Look at me multi-tasking all over this :)

I'll upload the images on a monthly basis to the blog on a page dedicated to the #Project366 challenge (It'll be along the top bar next to "Contact me") but you can follow daily on my Facebook or Instagram pages.

If your doing your own #Project366 when give me a shout out so i can follow your progress ... Either comment below or message me on a social media ... I'd love to come and share the likes :)