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Why you should always check your bills!

I think it's kind of funny (possibly ironic) that in the week I'm starting to look at becoming more frugal ... I get a bill though that's alot higher than expected (and agreed).

I get text notifications when things like my mobile phone bill or my Sky bill has been produced and I usually just ignore it as it's the same each month (or there about if I've had to call an 08 number like the Tax office for example) but the text message I received from Sky had me seeing red. The message told me that not only was my new bill ready to view but it was £31.40 this month.

Hell no!

I haven't called any numbers from my landline (which I only have as I need it to get Internet access) and my Internet is unlimited so I definitely couldn't have go over ... so I went online and looked at my bill.

They had added all this extra stuff to my package that not only I didn't ask for but I cannot use.

Sky+ ... they have offered it to me free for 6 months then it's "only £10 per month" ... yeah I agree it's a great deal and when I called about it, I did agree with the agent that it's a bargain. 

Except that I cancelled sky during the summer for a reason. It's rubbish! There were no programmes that I wanted to watch and at the time my bill was sitting round about £70 a month. As soon as my 24 month contract was up I was out of there and my sky box went out too (to the bin). 

I don't watch a lot of TV, I don't have time ... but when I do get to watch it (like over the holidays) it's  DVD's, Netflix or Amazon prime I watch. I don't even have normal TV channels like BBC or Channel 4 as i don't have an aerial and no FreeView box ... That's how much i don't watch TV!

I don't have an agreement with or have been sponsored to say this, it is my own opinion but I think that both Prime and Netflix are way better value for entertainment. 

Netflix starts from £5.99 a month and has loads of films, TV shows, stand up and documentaries. You can have more than one user which is why it's better value for me as my mum has let me on her account so I can binge watch 'How I met your mother' for free. 

Prime as well is better value. I get it for £40 a year as I am a student which means not only do I get next day delivery on loads of stuff, back up to Amazon cloud for photos, rent kindle books free and films/TV shows free on instant video but now they have introduced prime music (which I've yet to have a look at) so that £40 I paid (the equivalent to a coffee a month) has more than justified itself to me. On Prime you can 'rent' titles too ... think blockbuster but you can stay in your jammies when you wanna get a film.

Anyway back to Sky ... They have changed their products so that I've now been moved onto a 'pay as you call' tariff and added on a 'evening and weekend calls' package (that I didn't ask for) so I can make "free calls" (on a landlines I don't use). I couldn't quite understand how the calls were "free" when I was paying in advance for this add on but the man on the phone didn't quite get where I was coming from. 

Bottom line my contract that was agreed in the beginning would be £26.40 (line rental and fibre broadband) had a blinged up makeover to £31.40. 

Now some people might be thinking "it's only a fiver" but it's not really. That fiver means quite a bit when your a student and it soon adds up. If I let it go, that fiver will be £60 over the year. 

That would have paid for my year of Prime (that I actually use) plus left £20 over. £60 is a lot to spend on something I not only didn't want but won't use.

The man I spoke to assures me that my account will be amended and that my bill will be £27.40 from now on (line rental went up a pound I'm told) and with any luck it's going to have been changed in time for the bill coming out next week otherwise that's more money i need to find as ill end up with a bank charge.

The point to this post/moan is that I need to start checking my bills! 

I just took it that the amount we agreed to would be the amount taken (unless i went over) but apparently contracts are allowed to be changed as they see fit ... Who knew! 

From now on I'll be looking at every one of my bills and who knows, i might save some pennies. I've already saved £60 a year by the looks of it.