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Frugal 4 - Week 4

Although i have been in bed most of this week with the flu, its turned out to be a quite good week to be honest. At least for my bank balance.

Being ill, I've been house bound feeling rather sorry for myself so my plans to go out during the week for coffee and what not, got squashed. In fact other than the school run the first time i was out the house was this weekend. So I've been quite good in terms of frugality ... by spending practically bugger all :)

What i did buy i managed to get reduced so i still got my frugal 4 :)

  • I stocked up on Flu meds cheap - After a look in boots for some cold and flu medicine i decided i would suffer on as i wasn't prepared to spend almost £15 on the stuff. However when i went into Home Bargains i found the exact same meds for a fraction of the price. I stoked up (As Agent D will no doubt become ill too cause of me) and all of it cost me £4.69.
    I have to admit i have been recovering alot faster over the last couple of days than i have all week which i assume is due to all the extra stuff in these. Since taking paracetamol all week done nothing. 
  • I bought a new pair of boots on sale - I tend to wear my shoes till they start to fall apart. My trainers are so old and worn that the stitching had burst along the side. Although i had been repairing it as best as i could it was becoming a waste of time, thread and craft glue. The wet weather guaranteed me having wet feet every time it rained and to be honest they were getting uncomfortable. but like i think you've guessed, i don't like to spend money unless i really have to. Biting the bullet, i decided i needed to get a pair of boots and went into BHS to see what they had in my size. I found a perfect pair and they were on sale £30 down from £55 ... Although i felt bad spending £30 on myself, i justified it that they were almost half price and that i really needed shoes. I've spent a small fortune on shoes for the boys recently so its about time i bought myself something.
  • I saved on the shopping again I'm getting good at this reducing my shopping bill. I've had to get a few things this week since my big shop last month is now done but everything came to £54 which will do us the full week. That's still down from my usual £80 weekly shop so I've more than happy. 
  • I got my hair cut last minute - My hair has been in need of a chop for a while but I've just not got round to doing it. This last week it has been bugging me so much i considered cutting it myself (which wouldn't end well) so i went on Facebook to see if there was any cancellations at local salons. Quite a few that i follow offer discounted last minute appointments so i was pleased to find that one salon had an appointment after Agent M's swimming lesson that would be £14.50 ... That would do me nicely. I got it chopped short (all in about 7 inches came off) and my hair feels so much better. Getting layers into it thinned it out a bit too so its not gonna take me ages to blow dry it in the mornings any more. Along with a £2 tip, £16.50 is a bargain for a haircut.