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Frugal 4 -Week 5

Its been a long week here at the crafty household. The schools are on their half term break which should have been the perfect excuse to get out and about with Agent M, except the college was on and the weather was horrific!

It wasn't a total loss though as it gave me a chance to catch up on the housework i let slide while i was sick and Agent M was keen to help which was nice of him.

I did manage to make some savings this week which was great as I'm gonna be spending more money over the coming weeks.

My frugal 4 this week ...
  • Since Agent M was off school i needed a babysitter and my Dad was brilliant enough to take him for me. As a result he drove me to and from College so i didn't have to buy a bus ticket this week. I'm grateful for the extra tenner in my pocket :)
  • We are also a month out from Agent M's birthday which is when i usually start to buy little bits and pieces for him. He is keen to finish his How to train your dragon and Diary of a Wimpy kid book collections so i went on eBay to see what i could find. He only needed 2 from each to complete them and i bought all 4 for £11.24. Yeah they are second hand but he doesn't mind that and it means i can use the money saved to get him something else.
  • One thing i really hate about hairdressing is how quickly things can get stolen from your kit. Seeing at this is my second year, i have pretty much replaced all my basic 1st year kit with some expensive pieces so when they grow legs, i tend to get annoyed. I had to replace my dressing out brush this week which should have been £10.99 ... I did however find a cheaper alternative on Amazon that works just as well for £4.25. Here's hoping no more brushes decided to leave the family cause its getting irritating having to replace them.
  • We went into Home Bargains again this week after swimming to stock up on Lunch box snacks. I love that shop. Can get so many name brand treats for a lot less. All in it worked out better than half price compared to going to a supermarket