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Frugal 4 - Week 3

It's been a hard week.

And in terms of frugality it's not been much better. It's the beginning of the month which seems to be the hardest on the bank balance. Everything seems to come out within the first 10 days and as a result my savings over the past few weeks has been eaten up. But on the bright side, the household bills are covered, there is food in the kitchen and we have gas and electricity too. That's the important things really isn't it!

I've not been as frugally minded this week at college. I've been stressed out a lot more this week which has been screwing with me sleeping at night so I've been drinking coffee all day at college. In between the caffeine buzz I've been topping up with sugary juice to keep me going. Terrible for the waste line and the purse strings but at least i made it through the week.

I did however manage to be frugal a little so it's not a total loss.
  • I worked out a meal plan to use the last of the big shop to stretch it that to little bit further. I managed the weeks meals with a few pork chops and chicken breasts to spare for next week. The weekly top up of milk, bread, cheese etc came to only £40 which included dog food so I still managed to save on my usual £80 weekly shop. 
  •  I picked up some deals in "Home bargains" this week too. Agent M loves these Barney Bear cakes which are £1 a box. In home bargains they were reduced down to 30p since they had a shorter best before date. They are good till the end of the month and knowing Agent M they will be long gone by then. His play piece is sorted for the rest of the month too.
  • I took on extra clients this week in my personal time which gave me a bit of an income boost. It is probably why I was so inclined to have lunch at college. If I had taken the money out of my purse be for I left then I wouldn't have it there to spend. *mental note for the future*. Still, I have that little bit extra to help us. 
  • I've been a heating hoarder this week too. We've been feeling the cold with the crazy weather but I've been reluctant to put the heating on unless it gets unbearable. I usually have it on from 6am till 8am in the mornings and from 2pm till 5pm at night (it's an old boiler and it usually takes about an hour for the house to heat up at the best of times) but I've switched off the timer this week and started throwing blankets over everyone instead. Skipping it in the mornings entirely and only having it on 2 hours in the evening has stretched my gas top up that little bit further and by hounding Agent M to put on a jumper and his slippers, he's not even noticed the drop in temperature. On my days off college I've not bothered with the heating at all since its just me home. I don't mind sitting in front of my laptop with an Iggle Piggle fleece wrapped round me. It's all the fashion in the three year old scene :)
I'm off college this week so here's hoping that i will be able to scrape back some of my savings ... Fingers crossed!