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Gratitude #7

Its funny that the theme of this weeks Gratitude is "Something i was given" when i consider that my Laptop (which i was given by my mum) has been my life line this past week.

Having been sick with the flu, i couldn't be bothered sitting in a cold living room when Agent M was at school so i climbed back into bed (with the electric blanket on) feeling rather sorry for myself. Problem was, Netflix was hooked up to the TV downstairs ... Solution - My laptop.

I do everything on my laptop ...

Blog, Shop, Surf the web, College work, Edit photos, Play Sims, Watch movies etc

As much as i hate to admit it, i don't know what i would do without my laptop. When the disc reader decided to play up last year and i had to send it away to be fixed, i was about ready to cry. There is only so far a smartphone will take you, A laptop however will take you where you need to go (and you can take it where you need to go too - being portable and all).

Yes i love my purple shiny laptop and i am beyond grateful to my mammy for gifting it to me